Our Story...

Mosaic Skull


When founders, Corina, Jacques, and Ian found it difficult to find pyjamas and leisurewear that was not only unique in design, but was also comfy to wear all day around the house, they put their heads together and decided to find their own solution.

Thus, Cool Pyjamas was born, with a simple mission statement. To make pyjamas and leisurewear that was cool, that was comfy, had a timeless look, and would shake off the image that pyjamas had built up over the years.

So, working together with a local artist, they came up with designs that you would be happy to wear both inside and outside.

Mosaic Skull and Brush print

Our Products...

All of our products are made with 100% cotton to ensure that our customers could wear their items throughout the day without any loss of comfort. 

Often times, we found that pyjamas that had a good design would be made from a combination of fabrics, which compromised the long term comfort of the item.

Then, whenever we would find leisurewear that was 100% cotton, the designs were lacking and rather boring, resulting in that image of pyjamas as uninteresting.

With Ian and Corina's combined knowledge and experience 27 years of manufacturing corsets with their family firm that was established in 1899, they combined these two elements to achieve our aim and something that we would not only be proud to sell, but too wear as well.

To create a high quality product, we produce a limited and exclusive number of designs at any one time, and forgo the typical seasonal model employed by other brands.